Event: Hyper Japan announces guests from Ghibli, InuYasha and more

The Hyper Japan festival has announced a few new guests from the anime industry, and they’ll be speaking to otaku on their bounty of well-beloved series and movies at the event which runs from July 15th-17th at Olympia in London. The guests on the itinerary for Saturday’s first session are:

Suwa Michihiko, Yomiuri TV’s Chief Producer in the animation department, with production credits on many incarnations of Detective ConanCity Hunter, InuYasha and Yawara!

Watanabe Tetsuya, described in Hyper Japan’s announcement as “a leading advertising agency producer of Japan”, who has worked on anime series such as Kidaichi Shonen no Jikenbo (The File of Young Kidaichi).

The Hyper Japan website goes on to say:

Come hear Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation’s Suwa Michihiko talk about the “Detective Conan” franchise from his role as executive/chief producer as he takes you on an anecdote-filled journey through the Japanese anime industry. Listen to Watanabe Tetsuya, a veteran of many an advertising campaign and steeped in the business side of anime, offer his take on how the anime business grew into a globe-spanning, multi-billion pound industry.

And for the second Saturday session and Sunday session of the festival, Kihara Hirokatsu arrives as a star guest. An anime professional who’s previously worked on the production desk at Studio Ghibli, he was involved in the makings of Laputa, My Neighbour Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service. Hyper Japan teases, “We have it on very good authority that Mr. Kihara will be bringing something incredible with him. Hint: He was at Studio Ghibli, after all.”

Hirokatsu is joined by another Ghibli guest, the Totoro theme singer Azumi Inoue. She will appear on the Friday and also at the first Saturday session. The Vocaloid IA will be returning to sing at the festival too, but as yet it’s still to be confirmed which day(s) she will perform.


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