Sword Art Online author Reki Kawahara’s other game-centric light novel series, Accel World, is set to return to screens as a new anime movie, Infinite Burst. After the original concept inspired a 2012 anime series, the feature will screen on July 23rd this year in 24 Japanese cinemas, and a commercial trailer has been released previewing the action.

Accel World Infinite Burst CM via pKjd

KOTOKO, who sang the anime series’ first ED ‘→unfinished→’, and ALTIMA, who provided the second OP theme ‘Burst the Gravity’, return combined as new unit ALTIMA x KOTOKO with the theme song ‘PLASMIC FIRE’, as previewed in the ad. The project has been given the following description:

Many aspects of life are carried out on a virtual network.
No matter how advanced the time becomes, however, bullying never disappears.
Haruyuki is one of the bullied students.
However, one day he is contacted by Kuroyukihime, the most famous person in the school.
“Wouldn’t you like to ‘accelerate’ and go further ahead, boy?”
Haruyuki is introduced to the “Accel World”, and decides to fight as Kuroyukihime’s knight.

Masakazu Ohara directs, and Hiroyuki Yoshino returns from the Accel World anime on  composition and scriptwriting. The anime’s character designer and animation director Yukiko Aikei is also returning, under the animation production studio Sunrise, while the main cast reprise their roles from the series as follows:

Sachika Misawa as Kuroyukihime
Yuki Kaji as Haruyuki
Aki Toyosaki as Chiyuri
Shintaro Asanuma as Takumu

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