The Kyoto Animation Awards, in recognising manga, novels and script treatments with the potential of following in the anime footsteps of Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucky Star, have announced the results of their seventh awards on Wednesday. But, like last year, no grand prizes, Animation DO Special Awards, or honourable mentions were given in either of the three categories.

Though the staff expressed their gratitude for the submissions, saying that they went “one step beyond” in their originality and entertainment, they didn’t give away any of their usual cash prizes, which range between one million yen for each category’s Grand Prize, and 100,000 yen for the “Encouragement” award. However, unlike the previous year, they did recognise three novels with a “Jury Special Prize” for their outstanding achievement. These novels were Eiji Yoshikawa’s Kyoko-san, Fly, High, Makoto Ayano’s Yoda-no-Mori Kyudojo , and Hoeru Arihiro’s Kono Hoshizora ni wa Kimi ga Tarinai. This prize comes with the possibility of a future publication, but it certainly makes no promises. As under-appreciated writers ourselves, we feel their pain.


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The Otaku Judge

These awards sound like a big con. The only contest were the winners should get nothing is the Eurovision Contest, as most of the entries are rubbish.