When the Hunter x Hunter manga returned from hiatus to much fanfare and fan comment, author Yoshihiro Togashi made it very clear that Dragon Quest was far from his priorities during his off time. He’s been open in discussing his chronic back pain, both leading up to the series’ April 18th comeback and in every comment with each chapter in Shonen Jump since then. But as this theme’s gone on, the four statements have sparked his readers’ concerns as to his wellbeing in the long term.

These comments are clearly needed, as some fans remain insensitive to the legitimate reasons for the manga’s long pauses. But it’s a worry that he’s still pushing himself to reach weekly deadlines, taking into account this constant health issue. His passion for his stories and characters is evident and admirable, but we hope he isn’t dragging himself towards another severe relapse. We wish him the best possible health, even if it means saying goodbye to some of our favourite, most meaningful characters.

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I am kind of worry of his condition. I haven’t read the manga and I am starting to watch the anime, but I am hope his condition doesn’t get worse. I am also concerned about his wife too. I wonder how is she handling it. 🙁

Elisabeth O'Neill

It’s very sad, you feel for him not being able to stick to the work he obviously loves. Must be so lonely for him, and terrifying for Takeuchi-sensei too at times. I worry for him too, but he’ll probably stick to his manga till the bitter end. Such a brave man.


Yeah he’s a brave guy. Even when he’s ill or really down, he is willing to continue the manga for us. I hope the condition doesn’t get worse. Such a great man. Let’s keep him in prayers.