Fellow British otaku Paul Johnson, a.k.a. OtaKing77077, has just released a new short to rival his four-years-in-the-making TIE Fighter tribute on the MASHED YouTube channel. This time around, he’s honoured the ’80s shoot-em-up side scroller R-Type in tandem with the style and feel of ’90s anime.

The one man animation consisting of 17 drawings per second was made, in the true anime spirit, with a little help from his friends. In-between assistance came from Claudia Montealegre, and Mick Lauer voices Player 1 beside Hayley Nelson as Player 2.

 From detailing carefully placed to emulate the classic’s level design, right down to that fond frustration all gamers can relate to, there’s great love and nostalgia running all the way through. Judging by the title ‘Game Master: R-Type’ it seems OtaKing intends to be back for more, so let’s hope for further homages in the ‘Game Master’ series.

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