Anime fans across the UK have long been hoping for a greater presence of streaming services here, both in our homes and at conventions, but recently that seems to have been changing for the good. First Crunchyroll launched their Xbox One and PS4 apps for use by Brits, then FUNimation had their international expansion in streaming and home releases through FunimationNow. And as of yesterday, it’s been announced that Crunchyroll will have a presence at two of our biggest anime and geek conventions, joining Manga UK at this month’s MCM London, and then reappearing at July’s Hyper Japan Festival.

As for MCM Comic Con, the event’s Twitter confirmed that Crunchyroll will have a booth up and running with news, announcements and giveaways open to guests. The service’s presence will be much the same at Hyper Japan, as the festival promised:

We are so very happy to announce that for the first time ever, Crunchyroll will be coming in all its glory to HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016! Have a Crunchyroll membership? Then drop by the stand and enter a daily prize raffle! Oh you have a premium membership? Then you’ll also be eligible to win Crunchyboxes, a mystery box of anime goods inside! Premium members can also pick up anime posters and wristbands. Finally, Crunchyroll will have be live streaming the event so if you want to appear on the feed, drop by and say hello!

Here’s to more burgeoning anime fans discovering Crunchyroll, and the joys of legally supporting your favourite shows even on a shoestring budget. We’re glad to see them hopping across the pond, and hope they’ll be back again in the years to come.

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