News: Inferno Cop shoves into Space Patrol Luluco as guest star

The former police officer turned flaming vigilante “spirit of justice” (in no way related to Ghost Rider), TRIGGER’s Inferno Cop, has been running his mouth on Twitter, as ever. But this week, he’s been nudging us towards his upcoming guest-starring role on Kill la Kill‘s spiritual sibling show Space Patrol Luluco. After the news came about that Space Dandy screenwriter Kimiko Ueno would be writing episode 8 of the series, he put in his two cents about bringing a rookie to the script, threatening that the they’d better get it right next time.

Meanwhile, Crunchyroll have added the manga adaptation to their site alongside their stream of the short anime series. They describe the Space Patrol Luluco four-paneller, now available to Crunchyroll users worldwide outside of Japan:

The super-popular on-air TV anime receives a manga serialization! Set in Ogikubo, it will give you a peek into Luluco and gang’s fun daily life, 4 panels at a time!

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