Update: Teaser visual and trailer stills unveiled for Gundam: The Origin IV and Loum arc

Gundam: The Origin - Loum arc

Saturday’s first general screenings of Gundam: The Origin III Dawn of Rebellion announced that the current Char/Sayla arc of the anime film series will end with the fourth episode, Unmei no Zenya (Fateful Eve). This next movie will air in Japan this fall, and it was also revealed at the end of the third episode that production has been green-lit for the new Loum arc.

This arc, as fans may have already guessed, will cover the Battle of Loum and is planned for release next year. But before that, the fourth episode will see the first ever mobile suit battle play out on the big screen, and feature Char’s “fateful encounter” with Lalah Sune, Amuro Ray, and “the legendary Dr. Minovsky”, alongside the development of the MS-04 and RX-78 Gundam.

The third episode is now open in fifteen Japanese cinemas, beginning a limited two-week run. A limited edition Blu-Ray is on sale at all cinemas screening the episode, and the standard Blu-Ray and DVD is set to follow for general release on June 10th. This part of the project continues the story of the young Char Aznable  and Garma Zabi, as they join the Zeons’ military academy together.

Update: The site revealed a teaser visual for episode four Unmei no Zenya over the weekend, illustrating Char’s fateful meetings with Lalah Sune and Amuro Ray.

The site was also kind enough to post a few stills from the Loum arc teaser trailer. The clip made its post-credits debut at screenings of Gundam: The Origin III, following the announcement that episode four would mark the Char/Sayla arc’s end.

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