With an announcement in this year’s 11th issue of Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine, we now know the exact date of the Black Swordsman’s return. The new series adapting Kentaro Miura’s grim-faced and gory fantasy manga Berserk will be premiering on WOWOW on July 1st, with Crunchyroll running a simulcast. The show will also air on MBS, TBS and CBC from July 8th, and then on BS-TBS from July 9th.

This reveal has been supported by some new character visuals, which have been appearing on the anime’s official Twitter over the past week. Here they all are with their returning cast from the classic movies:

Guts, voiced by Hiroaki Iwanaga


Puck, voiced by Kaoru Mizuhara

Isidro, voiced by Hiro Shimono

Serpico, voiced by Kazuyuki Okitsu

Farnese, voiced by Yoko Hikasa

Miura himself is on the team as executive producer, with Shin Itagaki of Teekyu directing at LIDEN FILMS, and Psycho-Pass’ Makoto Fukami supervising scripts in collaboration with Takashi Yamashita of Cencoroll. Chobits’ Hisashi Abe is designing characters, while Neon Genesis Evangelion‘s Shiro Sagisu also returns from the Berserk films to compose the score. As announced in the series’ most recent promo video, Susumu Hirasawa has provided the insert song ‘Hai yo’ (‘Oh Ashes’), while 9mm Parabellum Bullet are performing the opening theme ‘Inferno’.

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The Otaku Judge

Good to see that more of the Berserk manga is getting animated. The recent movies were a bit disappointing as they only recapped stuff already covered by the original series.

Dominic Cuthbert

I know what you mean, Beserk deserves a right Royal comeback.