The official website for the return of Rock Musical Bleach has revealed its cast visuals and schedule for the new stage production Mo Hitotsu no Chijyo (Another Above Ground). More cast visuals are yet to come for the latest musical adapting Tite Kubo’s action manga Bleach, but for the moment, here are the actors who’ve appeared kitted out as their characters so far:

Akira Takano (of dance and vocal unit Dream5) as Ichigo Kurosaki

Chihiro Kai (Seraph of the End Musical‘s Shinoa Hiiragi) as Rukia Kuchiki

Tsubasa Sakiyama (Musical Dance with Devils‘ Urie Sogami) as Renji Abarai

Kosuke Asuma (Haikyu!! stage play’s Toru Oikawa) as Gin Ichimaru

Kento (The Prince of Tennis Musical‘s Shinji Ibu) as Izuru Kira

Yuka Hirata (Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V‘s Melissa Claire) as Retsu Unohana

Shinichi Hashimoto as Hanataro Yamada

The play, coming first to the AiiA 2.5 Theatre Tokyo from July 28th, is based on Rock Musical Bleach – The All, which was originally performed in 2008 and followed the original manga’s ‘Soul Society’ arc. Written and directed by Yasuyuki Tsutsumi, who wrote the script for One Piece Episode of Luffy: Hand Island no Boken, it will end its Tokyo run on August 7th, then come to Kyoto Theatre from August 24th to 28th. Tickets will go on sale on June 26th, priced at 7,800 yen each.


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