A sinister Goku appears in visual for Dragon Ball Super’s Future Trunks arc

Next Sunday (June 12th), Dragon Ball Super‘s Future Trunks arc will begin, and as fans’ excitement levels rise, the series’ official Twitter has unveiled a preview visual of the demi-Saiyan time traveller and his foe, Black Goku. Both will appear in the 30th anniversary show’s 47th episode, titled ‘SOS From the Future! A New Black Enemy Reveals Himself!’

Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama plots the story and designs the new characters for the arc, including Future Trunks, whose sketches were given a sneak peek last month along with a plot teaser. Toriyama also offered some more hints and his own thoughts on the arc:

Next up in Dragon Ball Super, adult Trunks will be putting in his first appearance in a long time! I put together this story based on a suggestion from the editorial office. Like last time, I write an outline of the entire plot, then the script writers break it up into episodes, expanding on things, changing things around, or adding in new bits as need be.

Despite being so strong, Trunks barely escapes from the future with his life.

The future was supposed to be at peace, so what in the world could have happened!?

And what about this foe too strong even for Trunks to handle, Black Goku!? (Well, you can probably imagine what he’s like just based off the name)

It’s the start of a battle that surpasses time and space, and drags in the God of Destruction, Kaiōshin, even the Omni-King! Many mysteries will be revealed!

There’s some confusing bits with time changing here and there, but just bear with me. It should definitely turn out to be a fun story!

Even I haven’t checked the final script yet.

Let’s enjoy this together (laughs)!!

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