Flash back to April 1st 2015 and Tokyo Ghoul author Sui Ishida, who was once Yoshihiro Togashi’s assistant, was joshing around with a Hunter x Hunter prequel involving the bungee gum bandit Hisoka. After the day’s end, he took back the “announcement”, replacing faux previews of the villain as a Nen apprentice with the familiar magician of Togashi’s manga, taunting an “April Fool”.

Back in the present day, Hunter x Hunter‘s 33rd manga volume is out as expected after Togashi’s three-year hiatus, and Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul:re volume 7 is coming up for release on June 17th. In celebration, digital platform Jump+ has posted a crossover interview with the two authors, as well as Ishida’s fully-formed 69-page prequel, young Hisoka and all. Check out a page from the one-shot below, as well as the April Fool’s joke material.


From Ishida’s original “announcement”:

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