The Bananya anime, starring Attack on Titan‘s Yuki Kaji as Q-Lia’s banana cat mascot, revealed yesterday (June 2nd) that the show will premiere on TV Saitama on July 4th. A repeat will run on Sun TV on July 9th, and each episode will be five minutes long. The new visual unveiled by the anime’s staff also introduces a new cutie-fruity friend, Torabananya, and Ayumu Murase, who plays Shoyo in Haikyu!!, has been cast as Bananya’s self-proclaimed “rival”.

Kyo Yatate of Sockie’s Frontier Quest directs at TMS Entertainment, and also writes scripts and produces the series, alongside the Super Seisyun Brothers director and scriptwriter Masahiro Takahata. Gathering of 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku is on animation production, and Jun Mita of Mobile Suit Gundam-san joins the team as animation director, while Koichi Yokojin is director of photography. Nobuyuki Abe, of the Ai no Kusabi remake, is the show’s sound director.

Stationery company Q-Lia have also launched their previously announced crowdfunding campaign to gather funds for the series. It kicked off on March 25th, and as of press time, it’s collected 396,000 yen of its three million yen goal. The campaign will end on June 22nd, and in the meantime, any contributing fans can receive thank you gifts including mugs, charms, badges, body billows, listings in the credits and a mention on an episode card.

Update: It has in fact been confirmed that Ayumu Murase will voice at least six characters, including Torabananya as featured in the anime’s new visual. He’ll also be voicing the main heroine Bananyako, Torabananya’s younger brother Sabatorabananya, Bananya’s little brothers Baby Bananya and Tabananya, and the Nezumi (rats).

Yuki Kaji will be playing multiple roles too, besides the lead and original Bananya. His parts include the European Kurobananya, the good-looking and long-haired Kenagabananya, the elder bananya Oyajibananya, and neigbour Mikebananya.


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