Berserk anime unveils ending theme and 2D to 3D character design process

On July 1st we’ll see the return of the guts and glory of Berserk, and as we pass the one month mark, the anime’s staff have introduced its end theme performer. Nagi Yanagi, who has previously sung themes for Bakemonogatari and Naruto Shippuden, will have her ‘Meimoku no Kanata’ (‘Beyond the Nominal’) set opposite 9mm Parabellum Bullet’s opening theme ‘Inferno’. Her single for the theme is due to be released on August 31st.

To ease our impatience just a little, character designer Hisashi Abe (previously of Chobits) has revealed his work on the anime in stages, from their 2D concept art to 3D designs. The sketches and 3D models are shown for noble knight Farnese, the sly Serpico, Guts’ elven companion Puck and thieving brat Isidro.

Farnese, voiced by Yoko Hikasa

Serpico, voiced by Kazuyuki Okitsu

Puck, voiced by Kaoru Mizuhara

Isidro, voiced by Hiro Shimono

The Berserk manga creator Kentaro Miura himself is on the team as executive producer, with Shin Itagaki of Teekyu directing at LIDEN FILMS, and Psycho-Pass’ Makoto Fukami supervising scripts in collaboration with Takashi Yamashita of CencorollNeon Genesis Evangelion‘s Shiro Sagisu also returns from the Berserk films to compose the score, and as announced in the series’ most recent promo video, Susumu Hirasawa has provided the insert song ‘Hai yo’ (‘Oh Ashes’).

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