News: Fate/Extella unveils Artoria Pendragon and previews gameplay

After the Fate/Extella game’s November 10th release date announcement teased more details to come, alongside the new promo video’s silhouetted Saber, Artoria Pendragon (voiced by Ayako Kawasumi) was officially revealed as the mystery Saber class addition on Monday (June 6th). It’s also been confirmed that the PlaySation 4 and PS Vita releases will each have a premium limited edition, including a “Saber Bride” 3D mouse pad, Fate/Extella material, and download codes for a “bondage wedding dress” outfit for Nero Claudius and an unspecified outfit for Gilgamesh. First print copies of the game will come with an additional “purity night dress” DLC for Nero Claudius on PS4, or Artoria Pendragon on PS Vita.

Gilgamesh’s previously confirmed bonus outfit was scrapped, after being pointed out as a touch too close in appearance to a Nazi uniform. He and Mumei the Archers, alongside Nero Claudius, Artoria Pendragon, Attila, Jeanne d’Arc, Elizabeth Báthory and Caster Tamamo no mae, are among the line-up of 16 playable Servants, who will each have special attacks called “Extella Maneuvers”. The “high speed Servant action” gameplay was previewed in a soundless video released by Marvelous last week.

Fate creator Kinoko Nasu writes the game’s main scenario, with Hikaru Sakurai as scenario assistant, and the Fate/Extra game’s Aruko Wada working on character design. Takashi Takeuchi is credited as the Fate series’ original character designer, and the new game’s music is produced by TYPE-MOON. As of yet no western release has been announced, but as XSEED Games have registered a .com domain, it seems these plans are in place for the future.
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1 Comment on News: Fate/Extella unveils Artoria Pendragon and previews gameplay

  1. The Otaku Judge // June 8, 2016 at 20:37 // Reply

    Hope it comes to Europe, as I like Fate and games were you whack legions of enemies (like Senran Kagura.)

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