News: Real-time anime series Maho Shojo? NariaGirls first to use new motion capture software

For the first time, a full-length anime series is being created with the new real-time animation software ‘Kigurumi Live Animator KiLA’. The system, launched in October 2015, uses motion capture to animate CG characters, and the show introducing it to a regular commercial audience, Maho Shojo? NariaGirls, will premiere in Japan on July 6th.

Rehearsals are currently being held for the main characters, Urara, Hanabi and Inaho, who try and make themselves famous across Japan by creating anime versions of themselves. To become popular with as many people as possible, they decide on a “magical girls” theme for their show. With the easy bit over, the NariaGirls (a pun on the Japanese “nariaguru” for “rising in the world”) now have to produce their one-cour (quarter of a year) anime, and on top of that, make it a national success.

The “user participation” anime’s team brings back staff from gdgd Fairies, Straight Title Robot Anime, and Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono to  work together once again. Kotaro Ishidate directs, reuniting with studio Bouncy, and also works as the series composition writer. Kuniosa Hirama of Q Transformers: Kaettekita Convoy no Nazo and Masatake Yamaguchi of Straight Title Robot Anime pen scripts with Satoshi Takahashi, and Okazu Misoyama designs the characters. Hajime is performing and arranging the show’s theme song, while Jun’ichi Inoue composes the anime’s score.

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