News: Pikachu left out of top 3 in Pokémon General Election results

The ballots have been counted for the Pokémon General Election, and the results are perhaps on the unexpected side. Even in the preliminaries, poor Pikachu was looking hard pressed to take the lead, and the final count sees him still at no. 4, locked out of the top three by constant favourite Mew. Arceus also stuck to second place, playing runner-up to a clear winner. Greninja (or Gekkōga) decidedly sits at no. 1, the final form of starter monster Froakie from Pokémon X & Y.

Since April 15th, Japanese fans have been voting for their favourite of all 720 monsters, and ballots were counted until the poll closed on May 9th. The results for the poll’s top 100 are listed on the election’s official website, and the top 20 turned out as follows:

  1. Greninja (Gekkōga)
  2. Arceus
  3. Mew
  4. Pikachu
  5. Sylveon (Nymphia)
  6. Genesect
  7. Rayquaza
  8. Zygarde (50% form shown)
  9. Charizard (Lizardon)
  10. Meloetta (Aria form shown)
  11. Mewtwo
  12. Eevee
  13. Jirachi
  14. Darkrai
  15. Lucario
  16. Diancie
  17. Hoopa
  18. Keldeo
  19. Victini
  20. Manaphy
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