News: Bakumatsu Rock musical back on stage this summer

The samurai jammers are going to be back on stage this year for a second musical based on the Bakumatsu Rock franchise. Marvelous, who released the original rhythm adventure game in 2014, confirmed  on Tuesday (June 7th) that Ultra Musical Bakumatsu Rock Kurobune Raikou (Black Ships Arrive) will be playing at Kyoto Theatre on August 20th and 21st, then at Tokyo’s EX THEATRE ROPPONGI for early autumn showings from September 3rd to 9th.

Kotaro Yoshitani, who wrote and directed the first Bakumatsu Rock musical as well as the Fushigi Yuugi and Sengoku Musou stage plays, is back to helm this production, with Shinji Rachi returning to play band leader Ryoma Sakamoto. With Rachi pictured below, the rest of the main cast has been listed as follows:

Shinji Rachi as Riyoma Sakamoto

Yoshiro Itokawa as Shinsaku Takasugi

Ryo Mitsutani as Kogoro Katsura

 Teruma as Toshizo Hijikata

 Yoshihide Sasaki as Soushi Okita

Advance ticket sales for the show will begin on July 23rd, and if you’re curious about the Samurai Jam anime based on the game and released the same year, you can read our review of the bizarre, guitar thrashing shogun era series here.


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