Project Itoh’s Genocidal Organ film slated for winter release

There were signs of movement earlier this year for the Project Itoh anime film Genocidal Organ when a new promo video was released back in March, but now there’s been a definitive announcement that it’s still going ahead with a theatrical release. The movie’s official website today began streaming a new trailer, which introduces the main cast and confirms a winter slating. The film’s theme song, ‘Reloaded’ by EGOIST, is also previewed in the video.

The main cast are listed as follows:

Yuichi Nakamura (Fairy Tail‘s Gray Fullbuster) as Clavis Shepherd
Akio Ohtsuka (Ghost in the Shell‘s Batou) as Rockwell
Kaito Ishikawa (One Punch Man‘s Genos) as Realand
Sanae Kobayashi (Durarara!!‘s Namie Yagiri) as Lucia
Satoshi Mikami (Gangsta‘s Theo) as Williams
Takahiro Sakurai (Code Geass‘ Suzaku Kururugi) as John Paul
Yuki Kaji (Attack on Titan‘s Eren Jaeger) as Alex

To honour the works of the late sci-fi novelist Satoshi Ito, who passed away from cancer in 2009 aged just 34, a trio of films were announced by noitaminA last fall, adapting the author’s novels penned under his pseudonym Project Itoh. The first, WIT Studio’s Empire of Corpses, opened in October, then Manglobe’s Genocidal Organ was supposed to follow in November, before Studio 4°C’s Harmony on December 4th. But Manglobe’s filing for bankruptcy meant a drastic change in plans, shifting Genocidal Organ to Geno Studio as confirmed in the above trailer. The rest of the staff remains unchanged, with Gangsta director Shuko Murase still at the helm, and character designs from Guilty Crown‘s redjuice.

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