Rumours suggest live-action Gintama film is in production

Following the first murmurings that a live-action JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is in the works, new gossip suggests that its fellow Shonen Jump manga Gintama is the next on the list to make the leap to the silver screen. The Japanese fan site Otapol is one pocket of the web suggesting that, according to unnamed sources supposedly linked with the production, the film stars Shun Oguri of the 2014 live-action Lupin III film as Gintoki.

The same source has the movie pegged as shooting now with the goal of a theatrical release in 2018, but this shouldn’t by any means be read as an official statement. Until there’s more concrete news from a more reputable source, we should refrain from getting too excited just yet and treat these details as the rumours they are.

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