News: Crunchyroll starts up summer streaming plans with ReLIFE

Though looking out the window us Brits might doubt it, we assure you that the summer anime season will be here very soon, and Crunchyroll have kicked things off with UK simulcasts from July. Their first confirmed title is ReLIFE, and the series will be streaming worldwide outside of Japan, China, North Korea and Syria from Friday July 1st at 4pm GMT every week.

The series stars Kuroko’s Basketball‘s Kensho Ono as Arata Kaizaki, with Ai Kayano of Your lie in April as Chizuru Hishiro. Directed by Yowamushi Pedal episode animation director Tomo Kosaka, scripts are the responsibility of Himegoto‘s Kazuho Hyodo and Michiko Yokote of Shirobako, reuniting the Big Windup! writing team.

When the show starts you’ll be able to find it at this page on the Crunchyroll site. The streaming service has already given the series the following synopsis:

Arata Kaizaki (27) quit the job he landed after graduation in only three months. His life did not go well after that. Now his parents are threatening to stop sending money, and want him to come back to the country. He has no friend or girlfriend to share his troubles with…as he hits rock bottom a strange man named Ryo Yoake appears. Yoake invites Kaizaki to join a societal rehabilitation program for NEETs called ReLife. This program uses a mysterious drug to make him look younger, and sends him back to high school for a year…

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