Eromanga-sensei anime refreshes lead seiyu announcement

Since Dengeki’s last update on A-1 Pictures’ anime of Eromanga-sensei, the latest series from the light novel team that brought us Oreimo, it’s been a quiet few months with no further announcements. But, to assure us it’s still going ahead, there’s soon to be a new confirmation that Akane Fujita, who played Maho Shojo Nante Mo Ii Desu Kara‘s Yuzuka Hanami, will voice the lead role as shut-in little sister Sagiri Izumi.

Tsukasa Fushimi and Hiro Kanzaki’s Eromanga-sensei – Imoto to Akazu no Ma (My Little Sister and the Locked Room), a title which at first gave artist Kanzaki “a very bad feeling”, follows the relationship between a light novel author and his withdrawn, yet demanding, stepsister and secret illustrator. Masamune Izumi believes he has never met his illustrator, and presumes that he is just a perverted old otaku. But then he discovers the true artist behind the pseudonym “Ero Manga Sensei”.

Speaking about the original series, Fushimi observed “I feel that Kirino from Oreimo is a pure, innocent girl. This time, the heroine, Sagiri, may seem innocent, but she is quite dirty. I hope readers enjoy finding the differences between the two heroines.”

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