Yomiuri reported on Sunday (June 19th) that the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is setting new measures in motion to combat the illegal uploading of anime and films to the internet. In 2015 alone, the financial damage caused to Japan by uploaded TV shows was the equivalent of 450 million US dollars. Up until this point, the Ministry has used computers that can detect “pirated” videos automatically, but to tighten up on recent increases on the number of videos slipping through this system, they’re beginning to employ humans to enforce a double-checking process.

This is being carried out in cooperation with the Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA) in Japan, whereby Japanese broadcasters and film distribution companies detect illegal, pirated uploads by computer analysis. For now a single expert, who is knowledgeable on anime, films and ways to find illegal videos online, is assigned to the visual inspection task. They will be browsing video streaming sites, and checking for any copyright violations through the painstaking process of watching videos one by one.


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Wow, they are really serious about this. Hopefully this helps take care of the “pirated” anime.


Oh man. This is going to be harsh…