An early sighting of the seventh collection of Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul:re manga has sparked some excited chatter now making the rounds on Japanese blogs and fan sites. Word is that the cover band for the book due out on Friday, June 17th will announce plans for a live-action film adaptation of the blood-splattered hit series. More details for the future are also being teased in Shonen Jump magazine.

To celebrate this release, beside the long-anticipated June 3rd outing of Hunter x Hunter volume 33, Ishida published his April Fool’s gag Hisoka backstory as a real one-shot manga. As it turns out, he’d been working on it in secret all that time, making double fools of Hunter x Hunter fanatics and Ishida followers alike.

Update: The release of Tokyo Ghoul:re volume 7 did indeed make the plans for a live-action movie official, but aside from that there are few details available. Along with the opening of a teaser website, which displays the images below, Weekly Young Jump reported in its latest issue that more info is to be revealed at an unspecified future time.

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