With a western release forthcoming for the Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness visual novel, NIS America have unveiled the UK, US and French trailers for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita game. The video introduces us to three new characters who merge with the familiar cast of the anime, and also shows some scenes from the story, set within the time-frame of the anime’s first six episodes, but moved from downtown to a deserted island setting. Nitroplus created the original story for the game, assisted by Madoka Magica‘s Gen Urobuchi, who provided the original plan and scenario supervision.

The game has been set for a September 13th release in North America, followed close behind by Europe on September 16th. NIS also have plans to release the game on Steam for PC, but haven’t yet shared a release date. To be made available both physically and digitally, with standard and limited editions, Mandatory Happiness will feature the original Japanese voice track with English subtitles.


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The Otaku Judge

Definitely on my September shopping list. The first season was one of the better anime shows I have watched in recent times.

Dominic Cuthbert

Ours too. Looking forward to your review 😉