Update: Re:ZERO releases new character designs for second cour’s Royal Election arc

The anime adaptation of Tappei Nagatsuki and Shinichirou Otsuka’s light novels Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- has been quite the sleeper smash, getting deep into the much glossed-over impact that being transported to a different world would truly have on a person. As the 25-episode series gets closer to its halfway point, six new cast additions have been unveiled with an early look at the July issue of Kadokawa’s Newtype magazine:

Yukari Tamura (Akame ga Kill!‘s Mine) as Priscilla Bariel
Keiji Fujiwara (Dagashi Kashi‘s Yo Shikada) as Al
Yuka Iguchi (A Certain Magical Index‘s Index) as Crusch Karsten
Yui Horie (Monogatari‘s Tsubasa Hanekawa) as Ferris
Kenyu Horiuchi (Kill la Kill‘s Barazo Mankanshoku) as Wilhelm van Astraea
Kana Ueda (Fate/stay night‘s Rin) as Anastasia Hoshin
Takuya Eguchi (My Love Story!!‘s Takeo) as Julius Euclius

Crunchyroll are currently streaming the Re:ZERO anime as a simulcast, and they give the series the following summary:

Natsuki Subaru, an ordinary high school student, is on his way home from the convenience store when he finds himself transported to another world. As he’s lost and confused in a new world where he doesn’t even know left from right, the only person to reach out to him was a beautiful girl with silver hair. Determined to repay her somehow for saving him from his own despair, Subaru agrees to help the girl find something she’s looking for…

Update: As the time for Re:Zero‘s new cour draws nearer still, a closer look at character designs has been released for the candidates joining the cast for the Royal Election arc. Here they are with their listed voice actors as previously confirmed.

Priscilla Bariel, voiced by Yukari Tamura (Akame ga Kill!‘s Mine)

Aldebaran, voiced by Keiji Fujiwara (Dagashi Kashi‘s Yo Shikada)

Crusch Karsten, voiced by Yuka Iguchi (A Certain Magical Index‘s Index)

Ferris, voiced by Yui Horie (Monogatari‘s Tsubasa Hanekawa)

Wilhelm van Astraea, voiced by Kenyu Horiuchi (Kill la Kill‘s Barazo Mankanshoku)

Anastasia Hoshin, voiced by Kana Ueda (Fate/stay night‘s Rin)

Julius Euclius, voiced by Takuya Eguchi (My Love Story‘s Takeo Gouda)

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