News: Space Dandy and Tokyo Ghoul table top games announced

Game publishers Ninja Division have joined with Seven Seas Entertainment to announce the formation of their new joint venture, a game company they’ve named Shinobi 7. Bringing Seven Seas’ license acquisition and curation knowledge together with Ninja Division’s game design, the company will be producing table top games based on hit anime, manga and pop culture brands and franchises.

Their first outing is slated for the fourth quarter of 2016, with the launch of Space Dandy Galactic Deck-Building Game. The game will include over two hundred cards, with forty star tokens, player boards and a full-colour rulebook, and will be available in retail stores for $49.99. As yet, there has been no word on releases outside the US, but as Ninja Division publish games worldwide, it seems hopeful that there will be international releases in future.

Shinobi 7 are also currently working on the following games, scheduled to launch in 2017:

  • Tokyo Ghoul, a deck-building game, adapted from the hit anime franchise about an alternate reality where monstrous ghouls and humans coexist.
  • Strike Witches, a miniature-based board game, adapted from the anime of the same name, that pits a team of flying girls with advanced weaponry in dogfights against an invading alien force.
  • Spice & Wolf, an economy-based board game, about traveling merchants peddling their wares, based on the hit anime franchise of the same name.
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