The official website for the anime adapting Atami Michinoku’s manga Fudanshi Koko Seikatsu (Rotten Boys’ High School Life), has released a promo video for the series. It was previously announced that the first of the five-minute shorts will premiere on July 5th, and the site has also confirmed that they will be airing outside Japan on Crunchyroll, adding to the streaming service’s summer schedule.

The series follows Sakaguchi’s life as a “fudanshi”, a play on the term fujoshi, or “rotten girls”, for women who love BL or yaoi, and his school days with his “normal”, fujoshi and gay friends. The cast and their characters have been announced as follows:

Wataru Hatano as Sakaguchi
Kenji Nojima as Nakamura, “Sakaguchi’s (normal) friend”
Aya Suzaki as Rumi Nishihara, a fujoshi
Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Yujiro Shiratori, Sakaguchi’s gay friend
Toshiki Masuda as Akira Ueda, Shiratori’s servant who has a crush on his boss and will do anything for him
Kotaro Nishiyama as Daigo, Sakaguchi’s schoolmate and fellow fudanshi

Toshikatsu Tokoro of Soul Link is directing at Kumamiko‘s studio EMT Squared, and Chika Ishida, who’s worked on key animation for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and tsuritama, designs the characters. And while Nobuyuki Abe directs the sound at Dax Production, Dream Creation of I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying is on production.

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