News: Read or Die light novels returning in August 2016

Much earlier in June, a hint appeared on Shueisha’s Super Dash Bunko Twitter which appeared to pertain to the return of the light novel series Read or Die. It’s now been confirmed that, after ten years since the last volume, Hideyuki Kurata’s series will in fact publish two more books, taking it past its expected 12th volume closure.

Here’s what Bunko staff had to report on Twitter:

Update: Pardon me, it’s a bit late but this is a follow up to the 06/03 Tweet. The ‘certain work’ is as all of you suspected the 12th volume of Read or Die, which will be published in August. It’s not a side-story or a spin-off, it’s a genuine new book with an original story. – Editorial Staff K


Update Part 2: We also have to report that although the Afterword in Volume 11 said that Read or Die would conclude with Volume 12, another book will be written, for a total of 13 volumes. Volume 13 will be published in 2017. – Editorial Staff K

Update Part 3: More information – such as special publication benefits and promotional campaigns – will be released on Twitter and via the official Dash X Bunko blog. Please stay tuned. Once again, the 12th volume of Read or Die will be published in August of 2016. – Editorial Staff K

The light novels were adapted as a manga, written by Kurata and illustrated by Shutaro Yamada, for Ultra Jump magazine from 2000-2005. After being made into a three-part OVA in 2001, a 26-episode anime R.O.D the TV was produced by J.C.Staff and aired in 2003.

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