A new preview and visual for this summer’s D.Gray-man Hallow anime have been revealed on the official website for the show adapting Katsura Hoshino’s D.Gray-man manga. The video also previews the opening theme song by Lenny code fiction, ‘Key -bring it on, my Destiny-‘.

The visual below for the July 4th series is a cleaned-up version of the early glimpse published in the June 3rd issue of Jump Square magazine:

Haikyu!!‘s Ayumu Murase stars as Allen Walker, as Yoshiharu Ashino of Cross Ange directs the 10th anniversary D.Gray-man series at TMS Entertainment. Scripts are provided by Michiko Yokote of Shirobako and Dagashi Kashi, Tatsuto Higuchi of Schwarzes Marken, and Kenichi Yamashita of Actually, I Am…. As for the animation and design aspects, Yousuke Kabashima of The Girl Who Leapt Through Space is chief animation director and anime character designer, while Yasuhiro Moriki of Bakuon!! is working on design. Kaoru Wada is returning from the previous D.Gray-man anime to compose the new series’ score.

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