FUNimation announce Barakamon dub cast

On Tuesday (June 28th), FUNimation revealed their English dub cast for Barakamon, under ADR (Automatic Dialogue Recording) director Mike McFarland of FUNimation’s Tokyo GhoulAttack on Titan and Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood dubs. They also posted a preview trailer, but this is region-locked to the US. With Attack on Titan and Black Butler head dub writer John Burgmeier working alongside scriptwriter Clint Bickham of CLANNAD, the starring cast are:

Robert McCollum (Attack on Titan‘s Reiner Braun) as Handa
Alison Victorin (Space Dandy‘s QT) as Naru
Lynsey Hale (Sky Wizards Academy‘s Amie Mustung) as Miwa
Apphia Yu (Assassination Classroom‘s Rio Nakamura) as Tama
Clifford Chapin (Tokyo Ghoul‘s Hideyoshi Nagachika) as Hiroshi
Lara Woodhull (Princess Jellyfish‘s Clara) as Hina
Leah Clark (Darker Than Black‘s Mayu Otsuka) as Kenta
Duncan Brannan (A Certain Magical Index II‘s Saiji Tatemiya) as Kawafuji

FUNimation also ran a simulcast for North America as the show aired in Japan in 2014, and they describe the series:

An aspiring artist’s world is about to be turned upside down. Seishu exiles himself to a small island to rediscover his passion as a calligrapher after violently attacking one of his most vocal critics. While the Goto Islands appear to be a tranquil paradise on the surface, this young mapmaker soon learns that wacky neighbors and hyperactive children just might provide him the sense of humor he needs on his journey towards self-discovery.

Satsuki Yoshino launched the original manga in Square Enix’s Gangan Online magazine in 2009, and then wrote the spin-off Handa-kun from October 2013 in Monthly Shonen Gangan. This series ended on June 11th, while its anime is due to premiere on July 7th. The upcoming show recently released an ad announcing new additions to the cast, including Dimension W‘s Kimiko Saito.

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