Update: Kizumonogatari Nekketsu-hen movie’s trailer affirms August release and announces new cast

Monogatari writer NisiOisin’s official Twitter announced on June 3rd, which also marked Nadeko Sengoku’s birthday, that the new Nademonogatari novel set from her perspective has been slated for a July 29th release in Japan. This comes after the sunny promo material that confirmed the summer scheduling, which followed January’s note with Wazamonogatari‘s release that another two novels were set to publish this year. The tweet also confirmed that Nadeko will play a major role in the story, in this third ‘Off Season’ Monogatari novel.

Alongside January’s Nade– and Musubimonogatari novel announcements, Nekketsu-hen, the second movie in a trilogy adapting Isin’s Kizumonogatari  prequel novels, was set for a summer release. Now a possible opening date has been spotted on a poster, as captured by a fan below, slating the film for August 19th.

Update: Following the above fan sighting of a poster slating Kizumonogatari Nekketsu-hen‘s August 19th theatrical release, then a confirmation with a display in the Animate character goods shop in Okoyama also advertising the first movie Tekketsu-hen‘s July 27th home release, a trailer for the second film has now appeared on the trilogy’s official site. The video below (the website’s stream is region-locked) also announces the cast being added for Akiyuki Shinbo’s Wound Tale continuation.

Kizumonogatari II: Nekketsu-hen film PV via pKjd

The new cast members are:

Miyu Irino (returning from Monogatari Series Second Season) as Episode

Masashi Ebara (Fullmetal Alchemist‘s Hoenheim Elric) as Dramaturgy

Hochu Ohtsuka (Naruto/Shippuden‘s Jiraiya) as Guillotine Cutter

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