In the July 4th issue of Shonen Jump, the Gintama rumours will be confirmed as fact with the magazine’s announcement that there will be a live-action film of Hideaki Sorachi’s alt-history sci-fi samurai comedy in 2017. It will also be officially confirmed that the live-action Lupin III‘s Shun Oguri is playing the lead, Gintoki.

There is some news to be taken from the reveal, as Yuichi Fukuda of the HK/Hentai Kamen film is confirmed as the director and scriptwriter. Monday’s (June 27th) issue of Jump hinted at this announcement, coinciding with the discovered listing of a domain.

Sorachi’s Gintama has been ongoing in Shonen Jump since 2006, and is now approaching its final arc. However, Sorachi has said he doesn’t yet know whether the manga will end this year or next. The manga’s anime adaptation reached its 10th anniversary this year, and also came to an end in March. But the last episode left fans hopeful, with a hint that it wouldn’t be the last we’ll see of Gintoki and co.

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