Event: Otaku Speed Dating does away with awkward dates

No more of this with Otaku Speed Dating

As otaku, we’ve all been in that situation where someone asks, “So, what are you into?”, and you steel yourself up for that potential glazed look or condescending comment. On a date especially, it’s one of the biggest buzzkills. It would be so much easier if you could know in advance that your date understood and shared your fandom. And that’s what Otaku Speed Dating figured too.

These New York City-based speed dating event organisers are running their first meet-up on Friday, July 8th, catered specifically for otaku, gamers and geeks looking for love with like-minded people. No more embarrassment over your figure collection or back catalogue of fanfiction, as you can meet people face-to-face in confidence that they’ll accept you for who you are. As you chat with several people over the course of an hour’s session, you’ll get an instinctive feel for who you share a connection with. And even afterwards, you can rate your dates for an even better chance of finding future matches.

Otaku Speed Dating

If you want to be part of it, come to Cafe Victoria, 70 W 107th ST, Room 2A on July 8th at 7:00pm. To get there, take either the 1 train to 103 street or the B or C trains to 110 street and walk to the cafe. The entrance is on 107th St, near Columbus Avenue. And make sure you sign up online in advance! Here’s what you need to do:

1.       Register online for one of Otaku Speed Dating’s events
2.       They’ll send you a confirmation email with your ticket
3.       Come to the venue and prepare to meet other fellow otaku
4.       They’ll rotate you between your dates every 3 minutes
5.       At the end they’ll ask you to rate your dates to find matches
6.       You’ll be sent an email if you match with anyone

When you book your tickets, enter promo code LITTLEANIME50 for a special 50% discount on this coming event. For anything else you need to know, check the site’s FAQ page. Best of luck to everyone who takes the plunge, we hope you meet someone special.

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2 Comments on Event: Otaku Speed Dating does away with awkward dates

  1. This is so cool. If only I was old enough to date. I’m nowhere near that stage. But this is cool to know. In case I ever need to speed date

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