At the end of their panel at Anime Expo, which is running in Los Angeles until Monday (July 4th), VIZ Media introduced four lead voice actors from their upcoming English dub of One Punch Man. It’s Max Mittelman, who also voiced Aldnoah.Zero‘s Inaho Kaizuka, starring as hero-for-giggles Saitama, beside the following:

Zach Aguilar (Aldnoah.Zero‘s Slaine Troyard) as Genos
Robbie Daymond (Sailor Moon‘s Tuxedo Mask) as Mumen Rider
Erik Scott Kimerer (Toradora!‘s Ryuji Takasu) as Speed O’Sound Sonic

In other news from the One Punch ethos, the remastered manga’s artist Yusuke Murata is soon to release a cooking manga. The series was teased in Kodansha’s Weekly Morning seinen magazine, revealing its title as Mangaka Yashoku Benkyusho (Manga Artist’s Late-Night Snack Laboratory).

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The Otaku Judge

What a coincidence. I started watching Aldnoah Zero the other day.