News: Publishers dispel rumours of One Piece manga going monthly

The One Piece manga’s schedule has been more than a little rocky lately, spiking worries amongst fans that Eiichiro Oda’s crammed schedule has been catching up with him. After all, two or three hours of sleep per night for years of manga stardom would have that effect on anyone, “most copies published in a comic series by a single author” Guinness World Record holder or not. Concerns were even brewing that the manga might go monthly considering that Oda’s busy with other projects, such as his executive producer role on One Piece Film Gold.

But, fortunately for his followers worldwide, Shueisha have confirmed that this isn’t the case. A representative of the Jump manga publishers told Yahoo! Japan that there is no truth at all to the rumours. So it seems Oda will continue his borderline superhuman weekly work on One Piece, and even find the time to appear on Fuji TV to promote Film Gold on July 23rd.


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