Gintama manga soon to enter final arc

In Monday’s (July 11th) issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, it will be confirmed that Gintama is entering its final arc starting with its next chapter. In March, author Hideaki Sorachi let his readers know with a note in the manga’s 63rd volume that the final arc would begin this year. However, at the time, he said he wasn’t sure whether the manga would end this year or next.

Sorachi’s Gintama has been ongoing in Shonen Jump since 2006, and now ranks consistently among Japan’s best-selling manga. The series’ anime adaptation reached its 10th anniversary this year, and also came to an end in March. The last episode left fans hopeful, with a hint that it wouldn’t be the last we’ll see of Gintoki and co. But what is certain for the future of Gintama is that a live-action film is in the works, with its official website now open, and the live-action Lupin III‘s Shun Oguri starring as Gintoki.

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  1. So many good things coming to an end.


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