News: Kumamiko manga creator apologises for anime’s final episode

(Spoiler warning for the ending of the Kumamiko: Girl Meets Bear anime.)

Though Kumamiko: Girl Meets Bear mangaka Masume Yoshimoto posted an initial apology for the ending of the anime, which rankled with many viewers, he quickly deleted the original Tumblr post, and has now written another. In this post, he also apologises for the previous comment which foisted blame on the anime staff by pointing out that he didn’t check the script and “left it up to them.”

I apologize for my previous remarks, which needlessly made the situation a bigger deal.

Also, regarding the final episode’s script, I participated in the composition meeting, and when we asked what to do for the final episode, I proposed something like, “How about going to Sendai? Then Machi gets into an accident, Natsu hurries by car to save her, they get back together at the climax of the story, and it ends.” If there are people who feel uncomfortable with corresponding sections, it’s my responsibility. I am sorry.

I may not have to say this, but the anime has intense action, sex appeal, cute gestures, and, of course, well-balanced sakuga that can’t be expressed in the manga. It has original elements, characters and pastoral village scenery I couldn’t draw. It has many wonderful highlights.

These gifts are the hard work of none other than the anime staff, and they did their best up until the end.

I want to convey my appreciation for all their work. Thank you very much.

In Kumamiko‘s last episode, Machi appears at an idol contest in Sendai as the representative of her village. Her cousin Yoshio compares her performance to the sacrificial offering of her shrine maiden ancestor, as described in a folktale at the start of the series. Viewers felt that Machi’s character development, with the positive support of Yoshio and Natsu the bear, was abandoned in favour of such a cruel comment, and Yoshimoto concurred in his first response which was captured in screenshots and circulated as below.













About the Anime

I saw the finale of the Kumamiko anime
Congratulations to the anime staff on their hard work
I feel that they had many difficulties

I personally deeply felt the power of animation
Thank you very much for persevering until the end

I declined to check the script
They’re pros, so I left it up to them
So I’m not qualified to say this

But if you’ll hear my thoughts as a fan of the original work
I think that
What Yoshio said sure was cruel

Following Yoshimoto’s revised post, Kumamiko‘s official website also expressed that the anime was approved by the original creator, the editors for the manga’s home magazine Monthly Comic Flapper, and the director, writer, animation staff and production team who worked on the series.

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1 Comment on News: Kumamiko manga creator apologises for anime’s final episode

  1. The Otaku Judge // July 9, 2016 at 08:57 // Reply

    Looks like the studio lawyers made the writer post a more diplomatic remark.


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