Event: Life and work of late seiyu Miyu Matsuki celebrated with charity event

The much-missed voice actor Miyu Matsuki passed away in October 2015, with lymphoma caused by a rare case of chronic active Epstein-Barr virus (CAEBV) taking her life at the age of only 38. If she had lived she would now be 39, and in memoriam of that fact, her friends and colleagues are running the 39! Miyu-chan charity event, dedicated to her life and work on Hayate the Combat ButlerSHIMONETAFate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya and other anime.

After deducting for the cost of the event itself, all proceeds raised will be donated to CAEBV research, and organisations and services that contribute to blood and bone marrow donations such as SNOW BANK PAY IT FORWARD. The event’s official artwork was provided by Ume Aoki, creator of the Hidamari Sketch manga.

The Science Museum Hall in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo will host the event on September 11th, and the included stage show has invited Kana Asumi (Hayate the Combat Butler‘s Fumi Hibino and Shiranui), Yuka Otsubo (Nyaruko: Crawling with Love!‘s Tamao Kurei) and other guests. There will also be a lecture about EBV infection to raise awareness of the illness. Fans can either enter a lottery for tickets to the event from July 15th through to July 31st, with the winners drawn on August 3rd, or purchase a ticket in the general sales which will begin on August 13th. Tickets will sell for 3,900 yen (about £30 GBP), and come with the bonus gift of a t-shirt.


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