Nintendo have seen an unprecedented boom since the release of Pokémon GO, which allows players to find and capture Pokémon throughout the real world in augmented reality. Nintendo’s shares have risen by 10% thanks to the smartphone game, with developers Niantic earning an estimated $14.04 million from the app in four days, and Hollywood has taken notice, upping the likelihood of a live-action Pokémon film.

Deadline reports that Legendary Pictures, who produced The Dark Knight trilogy and Warcraft more recently, are close to clamping down on a deal to secure the rights for such a film. Nothing has been finalised yet, and word of an auction by the Pokémon Company was circulating back in April, with Sony and Warner Bros. also in the running at that time. In addition, Deadline mentioned that rumours have arisen of Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis being considered to pen a script.


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Wow, I never imagine that would happen. I guess Pokemon Go is starting become really popular. I wonder how will the movie be like.


It would have never crossed my mind that the next step Pokémon Go would be a movie… specially a live-action one and even if I’m not a hardcore fan of the franchise I do enjoy the movies every now and then and I’m a little scared for the results since we all know how well anime to live-action adaptations results…

Hua Ming Juan

Gotta catch all that sweet Pokémon ca$h!