Data collection company SurveyMonkey reported on Wednesday (July 13th) that Nintendo and Niantic Labs’ Pokémon GO augmented reality app has reached 21 million daily active users (DAU) in the United States alone. These numbers push it past even Candy Crush Saga‘s US user record of 20 million (widely reported as rising to 93 million DAU worldwide), making it the smartphone game with the most active users in the States. The same report states that the game is on track to exceed the number of Snapchat users on the Android operating system.

Forbes reported on Tuesday (July 12th) that, in the global sphere, the game’s average usage time has already surpassed WhatsApp and Instagram. An earlier report from the business magazine said that, according to estimates from market intelligence firm Sensor Tower, the game is earning $1.6 million in daily revenue from the iOS app. With Niantic earning around $14.04 million in the first four days post-launch and news of its record-breaking success pricking up Hollywood’s ears, it’s seeming increasingly likely that the previously suggested live-action Pokémon movie will go ahead.

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