After Tite Kubo’s Bleach manga was revealed as nearing its end, the exact number of chapters remaining kept a mystery, Hisashi Sasaki, the former Weekly Shonen Jump editor-in-chief and current Vice President for Global Shonen Jump at VIZ Media, has given fans a time frame for the series’ end. During Viz’s Weekly Shonen Jump Podcast 164 on Monday (July 11th), Sasaki commented that Kubo will end Bleach in less than ten weeks.

The manga’s 73rd volume previously broke the news that the 74th would be the last, staying vague as to the amount of time left before the final chapter. But at least now we know that there will be no more than nine chapters before the series is put to its well-deserved (and many fans would also say much-needed) rest.

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Well, this is great news. The Bleach manga and anime series turned to crap a long time ago, and as a fan I was really sad to see that happen. Thanks for the post.

Dominic Cuthbert

I feel your pain. There was a time when Bleach was the coolest anime around. I’m glad it’s finally all coming to an end.