As of July 14th, Pokémon GO has arrived here in the UK, so now we can join the US in running around our neighborhoods looking ridiculous, all to prove our passion as Pokémon trainers. The augmented reality game is available on both iOS and Android, and can be downloaded free (with in-app purchases available, of course) from Google Play and the Apple iTunes Store.

We’re sure you’ve seen the reports of mishaps and accidents while using the app, and stories warning of its potential use for preying on children or as traps for muggings, but we’ll tell you this anyway: do have fun catching monsters, but be careful out there and respect each other, players and non-players alike.

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The Otaku Judge

One of my friends was playing Go when we were at the pub. Maybe I should write a click bait article claiming that the game encourages alcoholism 🙂

Dominic Cuthbert

Goya catch all those views ^^


I hope it arrives here in the Netherlands soon. I can’t wait, have fun you guys overseas 🙂

Dominic Cuthbert

You’re time will come ^^ Yeah, we’re having a blast! 🙂

Hua Ming Juan

Have fun you guys, GO is great! ^_^

Dominic Cuthbert

Thanks ^^ I already love it so much.