Before his passing in 2013, Familiar of Zero author Noboru Yamaguchi entrusted the legacy of the light novels’ ending to his publishers MF Bunko. With the series left two volumes short of its intended 22, the publishers decided to share the plots Yamaguchi had left with a different writer who would complete the story in his stead, and with the new writer’s identity still a secret, the 21st volume was released in Japan on February 25th this year. Now, following the MF Bunko festival, the 22nd and final volume has been scheduled for February 24th, 2017.

The novels’ original illustrator Eiji Usatsuka returned for the final volumes, but there has been much speculation on MF Bunko’s appointed writer. With no credits or clues to their name on volume 21, the publishers intend to keep it that way, at least for now. In their most recent comment on Yamaguchi’s successor, Kadokawa explained “If we reveal the name of the new writer, that will cause preconceptions among the readers. We want them to purely enjoy the story.”

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The Otaku Judge

The anime was a mixed bag, but I at least appreciated that it gave fans of the books some closure. It’s good to see that the story will be completed in book form too. Hope the mysterious writer is up to the task.

Dominic Cuthbert
Dominic Cuthbert

I agree. I think the writer, whoever they are, will be up against it indecent of the book’s quality.