FunimationNow adds Arslan for the UK, announces dub casts for Servamp and First Love Monster

Since July 15th, FUNimation have been revealing the voice casts for their broadcast dubs of this summer season. The most recently announced was SERVAMP, and before its Saturday (July 16th) airing came FIRST LOVE MONSTER, both of which are streaming earlier than ever before to the UK and Ireland on FunimationNow.

SERVAMP‘s cast, under director Sonny Strait of Vision of Escaflowne and Maria the Virgin Witch, includes as follows:

Clifford Chapin (Attack on Titan‘s Conny Springer) as Mahiru
Chuck Huber (Darker than Black‘s Eric Nishijima) as Kuro
Mike McFarland (Attack on Titan‘s Jean Kirschtein) as Belkia
Alejandro Saab as Koyuki
Stephen Sanders as Ryusei
Brian Olvera as Sakuya

This broadcast dub will premiere on Wednesday, July 20th at 11:00am EDT, and FUNimation give SERVAMP the following summary:

Mahiru Shirota dislikes difficult things, preferring to live a simple life. But after rescuing a cat he names Kuro, life takes a turn for the complex. Kuro turns out to be a servamp—a servant vampire, named Sleepy Ash and the two form a contract. Kissing his simple life goodbye, Mahiru is pulled into the world of vampires, the seven deadly Servamps, and war. Life couldn’t be more complicated!

FIRST LOVE MONSTER‘s cast, under director Jerry Jewell of Free! Eternal Summer and Kamisama Kiss, includes as follows:

Bryn Apprill (Noragami‘s Hiyori) as Kaho Nikaido
Eric Vale (Dragon Ball Z‘s Trunks) as Kanade Takahashi
Ian Sinclair (Space Dandy‘s Dandy) as Atsushi Taga
Chris Ryan (Assassination Classroom‘s Tadaomi Karasuma) as Ginjiro “Gin” Sannomiya
Austin Tindle (Tokyo Ghoul‘s Ken Kaneki) as Tomu “Tom” Kaneko
Chris Burnett (Romeo × Juliet‘s Romeo) as Kota Shinohara
Dallas Reid (And you thought there is never a girl online?‘s Hideki Nishimura / Rusian) as Kazuo “Kaz” Noguchi
Dawn M. Bennett (Dance with Devils‘ Ritsuka Tachibana) as Chiaki Yokouchi
Aaron Roberts (Tokyo Ghoul‘s Uta) as Renren

This dub debuted on July 16th at 11:30am EDT, and FUNimation give the series the following summary:

High schooler Kaho Nikaido is having trouble adjusting to her new life in Tokyo. It doesn’t get any easier when she is nearly hit by a truck and saved by the handsome Kanade Takahashi! Infatuated with Kanade, she works up the courage to confess. But he warns that if Kaho learns who he is, she won’t want him. What could possibly keep her from this stud? Maybe the fact he’s a…fifth grader?!

In addition, although we in the UK were previously locked out of The Heroic Legend of Arslan‘s second season, Dust Storm Dance, FunimationNow has added both seasons of the show to its service. FUNimation followed up the announcement with the voice cast for the new series’ broadcast dub, which will also air on FunimationNow for the UK and Ireland.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance‘s cast, under directors Jeremy Inman and Chris Bevins, includes as follows:

Aaron Dismuke (Fullmetal Alchemist‘s Alphonse Elric) as Arslan
Ricco Fajardo (Assassination Classroom‘s Itona Horibeas Daryun
Chris Bevins (My Hero Academia‘s Hanta Sero) as Narsus
Rachel Robinson (Danganronpa the Animation‘s Sakura Ohgami) as Farangis
Justin Briner (My Hero Academia‘s Izuku Midoriya) as Elam
Jad Saxton (Log Horizon’s Akatsuki) as Alfarid
Vic Mignogna (Fullmetal Alchemist‘s Edward Elric) as Hilmes
Jerry Jewell (Rebuild of Evangelion‘s Kaworu Nagisa) as Gieve
Marcus Stimac (Assassination Classroom‘s Ryoma Terasaka) as Jaswant
Sean Hennigan (Tokyo Ghoul‘s Yoshimura) as Lucian
Christopher R. Sabat (Dragon Ball Z‘s Vegeta) as Andragoras
Stephanie Young (One Piece‘s Nico Robin) as Tahamenay
Tyson Rinehart (Steins;Gate‘s Itaru “Daru” Hashida) as Ilterish
Chris Guerrero (One Piece‘s Gecko Moria) as Basmyl

This dub debuts today (July 19th) at 9:30pm EDT, and FUNimation give the series the following summary:

From the creator of Fullmetal Alchemist comes the conclusion of an epic adventure. The Lusitania forces continue to hold rule over the Kingdom of Pars despite Arslan’s fierce battle against Lord Silver Mask. Arslan continues to fight for his rightful throne, but there are still many conflicts left to resolve. But the biggest mystery—who are his parents? And is that an answer he’s prepared to face?

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