News: Eiichiro Oda shares One Piece manga’s progression towards completion

With Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga going for some 19 years now (in fact, almost exactly 19 years, as it began on July 19th, 1997), you would imagine that a comment from Oda on the series’ progression meant it was nearing its end. In that, we would all be wrong. In the latest issue of promotional publication Dai One Piece Shinbun, the superstar artist of superhuman efforts has pegged the manga at 65% complete at its current point, having previously mentioned it was 60% complete in 2012.

This means, if One Piece keeps going at a fairly regular pace, disregarding its recent rocky schedule, it could take another 13 years for us to see if Luffy attains his ultimate dream of becoming King of the Pirates. By that point, the manga would have been running consistently in Shonen Jump magazine for 32 years. It’s enough to make anyone feel old when they work out what age they’d be by then, never mind Oda after slogging away for all that time.


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