News: 4th chapter of Gundam: The Origin given theatrical release date

The first general screenings of Gundam: The Origin III Dawn of Rebellion, which took place back in May, announced that the current Char and Sayla arc of the anime film series will end with the upcoming fourth episode, Unmei no Zenya (Fateful Eve). Yesterday (July 28th), announced that this film will screen from November 19th in 15 selected cinemas across Japan, with advance pay streaming beginning simultaneously. A limited number of Collector’s Edition Blu-rays of the episode will also be sold for 10,000 yen each in participating cinemas.

The forthcoming Loum arc will cover the Battle of Loum and is planned for release next year. But before that, Unmei no Zenya will see the first ever mobile suit battle play out on the big screen, and feature Char’s “fateful encounter” with Lalah Sune, Amuro Ray, and “the legendary Dr. Minovsky”, alongside the development of the MS-04 and RX-78 Gundam. While voice actor Shuichi Ikeda is still in Keiko Han’s original role as Char, Saori Hayami (Oreimo‘s Ayase Aragaki) is newly cast as Lalah.

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2 Comments on News: 4th chapter of Gundam: The Origin given theatrical release date

  1. TheWarner // July 29, 2016 at 19:04 // Reply

    As always, the artwork is breathtaking. I’ve watched the series thus far and it’s fantastic. However, despite being a hardcore Gundam fan and The Origin being great, I still can’t justify RightStuf Anime’s $100+ price for The Origin series. Each episode is under an hour long, so there’s no reason for the price of each Blu-ray to be over $100.


  2. Elisabeth O'Neill // July 30, 2016 at 08:32 // Reply

    That art makes me wish I was a Gundam fanatic. I know, I can’t figure out where they got that price tag from, it’s ridiculous. Why do we do this to ourselves, being fans of a medium that’s so gosh darn expensive to get physical copies of?


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