Update: CLANNAD and Charlotte writer Jun Maeda needs heart transplant despite being discharged from hospital

Jun Maeda, writer and composer for visual novel studio Visual Art’s/Key, was hospitalised late in February this year, but on July 2nd, he posted on Twitter to let his fans know he had been discharged and returned home. He also revealed the name and nature of his condition, idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy (the unexplained enlargement and weakening of the heart’s left ventricle). He said, “This illness has taken various pleasures away from me, but I’ll face forward and keep on living and doing my best. It’s a miracle I was saved.”

Maeda has since taken to Twitter to notify his fans that his condition will require him to undergo a heart transplant. On Thursday (July 28th) he said, “I went for a checkup. It seems I can’t keep living with my heart, and I still need a heart transplant.” But he added that, although the operation will be expensive and he must be hospitalised again, he is still struggling through the Muramasa game. Later on, he reassured his fans that he has a long time to live, and write many more stories yet.

Known for his work on many of Key’s visual novels, including Kanon, AIRCLANNAD, and Little Busters!, all of which became anime with Maeda’s musical composition, he gave the P.A.WORKS anime series Angel Beats! and Charlotte their stories and music too. The anime adaptation of another Key game Maeda contributed to, the love simulation Rewrite, premiered on July 2nd, also featuring his musical composition.

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