Attack on Titan volume 20 builds up to series’ climax in preview

As volume 19 of Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga comes out in the west this week, in Japan volume 20 prepares to drop the historical conspiracy focus and get back to Titan-slaying, in preparation for the oncoming climax. On August 9th, the collected chapters 79-82 will retake the walls while an epilogue sets the series’ final stage, as previewed in the video below.

The following is a fan translated section of a recent interview with Isayama in Japanese magazine Gong Kakutogi, in which he talks about the approaching climax:

Isayama: Tankobon Volume 20 will be released on August 9th, and it will approach the climax of the story. So everyone: please keep reading until the epilogue.

Horiguchi: So we will know the truth behind SnK’s world? I really want to know the answer. (Laughs)

Isayama: Since I don’t want to expand the story any further than my current plan, I will hurry up and reveal the answer soon!

Horiguchi: No no no, wait a second, I didn’t mean to push you. (Laughs) I still want to enjoy the manga for a while longer. That being said, my own wish is that there can be a happy ending where people can live freely with no walls. To me a sad and dark ending is, well…

Isayama: Until recently, I used to fully take the stance of creating a dark ending. Before, I wished I could shock those who have been following the manga. And all I thought about was to somehow betray the readers who are enthusiastic about the work. But now, as I am turning a little bit older, my mindset has shifted. I am still not sure how the manga will eventually turn out.

“What decisions will Eren and his friends make?” We are looking forward to figuring it out along with Isayama-san’s changes.

Isayama: Even though I’ve already designed the upcoming plot, I will still keep all possibilities open and see how the characters react by themselves when I draw the draft organically. That means nothing has been settled down yet.

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