Guest blog: Essential watching – under the radar anime to binge on

I’ve found with time that many a great anime has gone unnoticed or has been forgotten about when talking with new watchers or those who just didn’t have access to a lot of anime when they first started watching. Yet now some of the best anime ever made is no further than a few clicks away! You get a small library with a Netflix subscription. It’s astonishing and overwhelming for some. How can people decide from the thousands of anime at their disposal? How do they separate the wheat from the chaff?

Fortunately, we’ve scoured the listings a bit for you and have some recommendations. For those of you interested in some great shows, read on.

Fushigi Yugi

Image result for fushigi yuugi

I’ll start by saying I love that this is still on Crunchyroll after all these years. Fushigi Yugi is about the mystic journey of the Priestess of Suzaku through the Universe of Four Gods. As weird as that sounds, it gets pretty interesting when you realize the Universe of Four Gods is actually a book. Miaka is drawn into the book and soon discovers herself in a world resembling Ancient China.

The plot generally works as a romantic drama, but there’s plenty of action and interesting plot twists to go along with it. Visually speaking, the show hasn’t really done so well on HD TV sets, but the plot does not suffer similar problems. It’s a good watch with just under 50 episodes and (no spoilers) the ending won’t leave you crying. Hopefully.



Gungrave is unique in that it wasn’t based on a manga. Gungrave is actually based on an old PlayStation 2 game by the same name. Regardless of that fact, this is a truly amazing show. It starts out seeming a little strange but I encourage you to hold on.

You’re soon following the story of Brandon Heat and his friend Harry McDowell as they work to climb the ladder from penniless thugs to top executives within Millennion, a crime syndicate. The show is packed with action, drama, serious feeling and an ending you’ll never forget.

You’ll find this one available on Hulu. The show is relatively short (26 episodes), but you’ll be wishing they’d made more.

Last Exile

Last Exile

As anime go, Last Exile really stands out because the plot itself feels very much exactly like what the show is about. Claus Valca and Lavie Head are two poor teens that pilot a vanship (a small flying aircraft) in an attempt to stay alive and one day sail the Grand Stream. Then they’re swept up by the world one day like a leaf in the wind.

The crux of their adventure is filled with tragedy. The show truly fills itself with a likeness to the unfair rules of the real world. Besides the interesting cast, the world depicted in Last Exile is genuinely interesting. The steam-powered technology and the politics related to constant water shortages make you feel more invested in what happens in the background.

This is one of those anime you’ll watch quietly while enjoying every second of it.

4 Comments on Guest blog: Essential watching – under the radar anime to binge on

  1. Last Exile definitely sucked me right in to the story. I’d only planned on trying an episode or two and ended up watching the whole thing in two sittings. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Haven’t actually heard of Fushigi Yugi before but Gungrave, Last Exile, and GTO have been swimming around in my plan to watch list for a while. I really should pick one of them up sometime haha… Loving the Mushishi mention.

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  3. The Otaku Judge // August 9, 2016 at 17:21 // Reply

    Slayers is great (especially the second season.) Gungrave is a rare example of a video game anime that is actually good. I dug the rags to riches mafia storyline and the over the top action.

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  4. HijackedCat // August 14, 2016 at 23:49 // Reply

    OOh, lots of nice ones to add to my list! I’ve watched some of these, and definitely agree (`∇´ゞ

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